With a heavy heart, I had to bid farewell to "Winnen met Leren." project. It has been a tremendous pleasure to work with FNV Bondgenoten, the Dutch trade union. Over the course of three years, I had the opportunity to contribute to various aspects of the project, including designing newsletters, creating animations, and maintaining the website. Unfortunately, the project has come to an end, and the reasons behind this decision may be rooted in politics.

Nevertheless, I am immensely grateful for the valuable experience I gained while collaborating with Hilde ter Doest and Marc van Brugge at FNV Bondgenoten. Through our collective efforts, many individuals were able to advance their careers and enhance their lives. We accomplished significant work, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to all involved.

FNV, Winnen met Leren. Branding, graphic design, illustration and animation