Roya Hamburger

Visual Designer


Initiating my artistic journey in the early nineties at ‘The Willem de Kooning Art Academy (WDKA)’, I immersed myself in the studies of Communication Advertising and Illustration, which shaped my career expertise in design and communication.

I've catered to a global clientele as a freelance designer and art-director, offering unique and characteristic concepts that built and elevate (existing) brands. The service I offer includes digital and print design, encompassing websites, apps, logos, packaging, social media adds, animation, infographics and more.

My work revolves around communicating messages through art. With over 30 years of professional experience, I aim to weave my own stories through chosen subjects, broadening consciousness through graphic design, illustration, and animation.

Languages Dutch (native), English, German


Drawing and crafting has been my passion since childhood, leading me to pursue art school at a young age. My illustrations garnered attention early in my career, leading to illustrating for renowned publishers such as Cosmopolitan, Flair, Viva, Elle, Avant Garde, Aller-Hande AH, Science magazine, Glamour magazine and others.


Striving for balance in composition, shape, and atmosphere I combine graphics and realistic images or gradients to add depth. Integrating 2D and 3D elements, I view design as a form of expression, transcending beyond a mere image.

As a professional freelance graphic designer and illustrator my work and clientele have expanded over the years. This specified my niche in branding and marketing. My focus has decisively transitioned towards branding for start-ups and new projects, where I include my graphic design skills, akin to the art director or product designer I aim to become.

In my pursuit of remote freelance opportunities I actively seek positions that explicitly mention freelance work within esteemed marketing agencies and publishing firms. My website portfolio not only highlights my expertise in branding projects and the creation of diverse online and print designs, but also emphasizes my proficiency as a media producer overseeing the entire production process.

Experienced in collaborating closely with clients, colleagues, and other freelancers (including programmers, editors, and printers), I have worked with prestigious brands such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Fair, ManPower, ABN AMRO Bank, Unilever, Bijenkorf, British Airways, Martini, Rabo Bank, NS Dutch Railways, HEMA, FNV (Federal Union), IKON Broadcasting, Deloitte and Touche, Peter Stuyvesant, X-Box, and many more.

This breadth of experience has enriched my qualities as a designer as my work has graced the pages of various international publications, earning several prestigious awards.

My extensive 30-year tenure in the advertising industry has refined my ability to translate client aspirations into visually compelling presentations.

I take pride in my distinct signature style, maintaining consistent design patterns infused with dynamic elements, vibrant color schemes, and an amalgamation of modern aesthetics and timeless influences, ensuring immersive visual experiences.

Central to my design philosophy is the transformative power of clichés into unique designs that command instant recognition. This approach seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, leaving a lasting impression.

The privilege of closely collaborating with clients and colleagues in the media industry, where art converges with sales, has been an immensely fulfilling and enriching experience.

When working on commissioned projects, I strive to strike a balance between meeting the client's needs and infusing my own creativity. Conversely, when creating personal pieces, I prefer starting with a blank slate, allowing inspiration to guide me. There's a sense of wonder when an idea takes shape organically.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to connecting with you through my work. If you have any inquiries or would like to collaborate, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Hello, and very warm welcome to my Visual Design Presentation portfolio website and a link to my art webshop, please take a look around, love to receive a response when you have any questions, suggestions, remarks, seeking collaboration or are in need of a quotation.